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I don’t really know why I’m in such a horrific mood today. I’ve been pulling a long face almost the whole day. The only reasons I can think of are that…

  • I could have been at TheEdge enjoying NO EXCUSE Saturday.
  • The amount of homework waiting for me to complete it, but I just don’t wanna touch them.
  • Some people are pissing me off with their attitude.

 Instead of being at TheEdge, I was at my Grand-uncle’s solemnization (Yes, you didn’t read it wrongly, it’s my Grand-uncle). Nothing interesting thou. Indulged myself with music, watched some TV, played iPhone games, talked to my God-Sisters and that’s it. As compared to going to church, play games, free food, flea shopping, beds to slack…now you know why I’m a little annoyed? But still, I’m happy for my Grand-Uncle for finding the woman he loves 😀 May their marriage last forever! 

Ever since the other day I blogged, nothing much happened. On the 21st, Drama Club (Sec 2s and 3s) had their first ever make up workshop! It was so much fun and to be really honest, I wasn’t really embarrassed with the way I look probably because all of us pretty much looked the same. We even went to Singpost for lunch looking like weird people! Of course we got stares from people and I believe they must be thinking that we were really weird people but the fact is, DRAMA CLUB IS WEIRD…IN A GOOD WAY. (: 

Don’t be scared… It’s just Veniece (:

Most of our make-up were either Horror or like whimsical <– Did I spell this correctly? But anyways, the workshop was really fun! Apparently our profile photos would be printed around different areas of the school! I hope my make-up was good enough to cover up who I am. I didn’t sleep at all throughout the night before the workshop. Met Serene and Kirti for breakfast and I ate so so much. 

The next day was Student Council camp! It actually happened on the same day as the workshop but since the workshop was already paid for, it’d be better if I had gone for it. Camp was so-so I guess. It’s really much better than what I expected (: 1/2 of the day was covered up by a leadership workshop carried out by Acorn. Their motto was: A seed today, a tree tomorrow. You know I believe everyone has a potential to be a leader, but definitely not overnight and even more definitely not after attending just one workshop. The fun part was at night. ROD! 😀 Everyone had a chance to dress up and look stunning! Best dress went to Jenna (Girls) and Wayne (Boys). I mean obviously, if Jenna’s name was announced first, Wayne would’ve won and vice versa. BECAUSE THEY DRESSED EACH OTHER UP AT HOME. Okay, I’m kidding. 😛 Yeah but it was quite fun. 

See what I mean by everyone looks stunning? I’ve only these photos because the rest are in Joel’s camera! 

After ROD, our initial plan was to catch a movie. Sadly we left school late and there wasn’t any movie that was suitable to our timing and plus many people decided not to go. So plan B was easy, SHERMAINE’S HOUSE. To be honest, I was so glad that we didn’t catch a movie and went to Shermaine’s house instead. It was so much fun! I was bored and I came out with an idea to do a cover using Afrah’s cover! It was hilarious. We did a cover of Afrah singing Super Bass by Nicki Minaj! If you’ve yet to watch it…you’re missing out on something in life. And I can almost guarantee you that it will brighten up your day! So here’s the link to watch the video:

Hope you liked the video and I hope you had a good laugh, LOL. Holidays are ending and now I really really don’t wanna go back to school. Homework not even done, fun has not been fulfilled enough. Okay…back to reality in 1.5 days. Yay….. 


I’m not going to let anything stop me from my happiness.

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So…it has been approximately  6 months since my latest post in the beginning of the year. To be really honest, I’ve totally forgotten about this blog. I’ve got to try to make it a habit to blog more often now that I’m starting to get hooked up to the computer because of the Internet. I’ve been a much more happier person now with this amazing Internet speed of mine, and no I’m not even kidding!

So much has happened so far… To be really honest, 2012 has been one of the most dramatic years of my life, but fun, nonetheless. I like how the only things that are making me unhappy are probably friendship issues. So much drama has been going on in my circle of friends which includes myself. I’m so not going to let it happen once again when school reopens. I am going to be HAPPY.

I absolutely LOVE the June holidays. Probably one of the best holidays I’ve ever had because this holiday has been filled with joy and more joy. The only times I get angry or upset is times when I am at home. Great thing is that I’m hardly home, so that’s kind of great for my mood I guess..? This holiday started out with a trip to Negeri Sembilan, a part of Malaysia, as our overseas service learning. It was such a great experience if you’d ask me. Allows me to realize how fortunate we are and how we always take things for granted. We always just want more and more. I don’t want this post to be so wordy and no pictures because that’ll just be boring. Let the pictures do their talking! (At this point of time, I’ve come to realize that I actually don’t have a lot of photos LOL. In fact just a few.) 

Cute little boy called Kumaran! 

Like I’ve said before, I absolutely LOVE long bus rides! The trip there was about 5 hours? I slept most of the time so it was great 🙂 

I’m so sorry I have no more photos! You can go view the photos at Serene’s Facebook if you haven’t!

After Negeri Sembilan which was only 3 days 2 nights, I had Teens Retreat few days later! It was so so great and fun, everyone there just loved one another and I’d do anything (maybe not anything, just something reasonable) to live that 3 days 2 nights once again! This chalet wasn’t really like the one I had a year before because this time, we drew closer to God! We had Worship, Word, loads of prayers, bonding and tons of fun! 

What do you notice here? (Yes all the Secondary 3s were wearing a shade of blue at that point of time and it wasn’t even planned! <3)

My second family! (Together along with Xinfang but she was taking the photo!)

For more of the photos you can go and view Nadia’s profile! The albums are spammed by mostly of Munyi’s, SiTing’s, Rachel’s and MY face! So obviously you’d wanna go see it right, duh. HAHAH.

P/s: We stayed at Changi, Chalet M. And if that chalet sounds familiar…it’s probably because of what had happened in that chalet few months before. 2 women committed suicide in the toilet. For more information, click on the link!

One day after the chalet, I went to Hong Kong! This trip was a really last minute thing because of some things that had happened during my exam period. For those who follow my Twitter (@CAMERONCHENJIN), would probably know what had happened. But anyways, this trip was AMAZING. I enjoyed it so much despite most of the times we were shopping! And yes, the main reason why I love this trip so much is because of the shopping that I did over there! Everything (or at least almost everything) was 2/3 of the price in Singapore! Additionally, there was even a sale which makes it even more cheaper. So I’ve bought around >15 items there in Hong Kong. Too bad I didn’t really capture many pictures because I was too busy with shopping and I don’t own a camera, so yeah. I went to the trip with my mother, my childhood friend Vanessa and her mother! It was really really very fun. The trip was really short thou, only 4 days 3 nights. I’m missing Hong Kong terribly despite the fact that I’ve been there 4 times LOL. I already wanna go back to shop.

What a long post… But it’s worth it because I’ve never really been blogging real often lately. In fact, I HAVE NOT EVEN BEEN BLOGGING LATELY. So I hope this pays for it! School’s reopening in less than a week and I’ve barely even touched my homework. I am so wonderful yay. See you guys! 😀 

Dedication: Ong Si Ting.

Hello Si Ting Boomz! I’m so glad that we are going to be in the same class for 2012 and 2013! Both of us are really looking forward to these 2 years because it’s probably because we have each other as classmates (: Don’t worry if you think that I may ditch you or whatever, cause I will won’t. It doesn’t mean that I’ve good friends in Faith 3/4 would result into me ditching you. That’s because, you’re one of my awesome friends too! I still remember the EXACT way we met each other. Honestly, my first impression of you is….. DISGUSTING. I’m saying this on a serious note! But you definitely didn’t prove my point right. You’re an amazing friend who’s always there for me. Thank you!

Throughout the 2 years of our friendship, we’ve been through many things together. We had a few quarrels here and there but it’s alright. I wouldn’t say I regret having these quarrels because if those things never happened, our friendship wouldn’t be where it is right now. I still remember once you, Kirti and I were having a three-way conference call till 6 in the morning! Topics were flowing like crazy and none of us went quiet. That day was great despite the fact that I fell sick the next day -__- But anyways, I wish more of these things would happen and our friendship would draw closer.

I am seriously looking forward to be classmates with you for the next 2 years, really. It’s way more better because the only subject difference we have is our 2nd Science. But it’s okay! We have cell and church together. I don’t know why but I have this really strong feeling about us probably being super duper close. Partly cause we stay next to each other and we can go home together 😀 Damn, 2012 is going to be great, seriously! I can’t wait to spend it with you and our class. It’s gonna be the best damn year for us, I promise.

I hope that whatever obstacles we go through in our friendship, we’ll go through it strongly and happily (: Nothing will let our friendship fail, alright? You’re indeed a great friend to me!

As we go on, we’ll remember all the times we had together. (:

Dedication: Rachel Lee.

Hello @vintageloveex! I think your Twitter name is cool, really different from your own character 😛 I really have absolutely no idea how I know you, seriously! We’re not from the same class nor CCA, haven’t been together for any workshops in school whatsoever, but I still know you. I’m really glad to have met you cause you’re probably the person I know with the most laughter. You laugh at basically EVERYTHING. That’s good though (: Being happy is really important. I know sometimes our lives isn’t all about happiness but also sadness, but these are the things that makes us stronger. So stay happy, always!

I really want to thank you for being so nice and caring and kind. You’re one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Not saying you’re nice to me but… you’re nice in general (: We’ve never been close to each other at all until a while after I’ve joined the cell. I swear to God I’m really glad I joined it cause it made me become good friends with you and a few others.. I really thank God for giving me such a nice friend, which is you. Okay, please don’t become so bhb when you see me.. I’m just saying this cause I have to, HAHAH, JUST KIDDING!

I like it when you laugh. Because when you laugh, you make me laugh too. Yes, your laughter is THAT contagious. I like it when we go out together with TingHui LoveEggtart. I feel that although we’ve only been close to each other for just a month, the closeness between us is already very very close. I like it when we Skype together with Si Ting Boomz. I like it when I go to your house with anyone and we’ll start camwhoring with your iMac. I like it when we go crazy about Kinect and how desperate we are to have it. I like it when you say “I no money” because you allow me to tease you. I like it how Jenna put both of us as Class ICs for the same class!

Thank you for this afternoon. You really made me cool down and explain things to me. I’m happy that someone is able to tolerate my nonsense and childishness. Sorry to say, you’ve gotta tolerate it for another 2 years. Unless suddenly my puberty level jumps like crazy. Till then, bear with me (; I really love all the memories we had in this short yet happy one month. I’m glad that with you around, my number of photos in Facebook increases to no end. I’m glad that God gave me such a wonderful friend in my life.. Thank you Rachel..

I love you like a love song, baby. As a friend! Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, amazing friend :’)

Dedication: Vivian Toh.

Hi @Vivberry. There are many things I’d love to thank you for. Thank you for always being my comforter and constantly giving me advice whenever I needed them, and thank you for being so caring, nice and lovely. I can say that you’re definitely one of the few people whom I can comfortably talk to about my problems. Probably it’s cause most of our cases are very relative to each other be it friends or family. I’m glad to have a friend whom I can share my problems to, and can even relate to it.

I honestly think it’s weird that we know each other. Not that it’s bad or anything, but we are not from the same class, neither are we from the same CCA. So it’s a little funny how we managed to know each other. A girl was quarreling with you on Facebook and I stood up for you….. then we knew each other and something happened. You know, I know, some people also know. Anyway, I’m glad that happened despite all the complications in 2010. Great to know that we’ve bond closer, especially after I’ve joined you GB girls + Bryan & Siyang + Zaihou for cell and church. This friendship must maintain, okay? (:

I think we both miss 2010, when we had this one ginormous clique and we’d always hang out, go crazy and get wild. To be honest, I really miss it a lot too, VERY MUCH. Since we can’t have that big clique with us anymore, it’s okay.. As long as the two of us don’t cause what happened to the clique to happen to us, it’s fine. I don’t believe anything would because we get along with each other really well. Aw man, I really love how our lives are so relative to each other!

Once again, thank you for everything. Thank you for trying your best to make me smile (even though you’ve made me upset before because of you-know-what). Thank you for being crazy and wild with me whenever I needed someone to go crazy with. Thank you for giving me advice on anything, ANYTHING. Thank you for being an awesome friend in my life. (:

Let nothing but happy memories happen to this amazing friendship we have. 

Dedication: Nabilah Syairah.


ANGRY BIRD! Hahahah, hello Nabilah. Firstly, I hope you wouldn’t kill me just because I’m using this picture. I personally think that it’s nice so yeah, you should stop complaining 😛 Back to the point, I am so very glad that we are in the same class again for the next 2 years! Classes wouldn’t be so boring for me anymore. With you ah, confirm laugh until FAINT. There’s nothing much to say since we will still be in the same class but here goes..

I feel we weren’t as close as before anymore ): Aww, it’s okay cause we still can change that right? (: I hope that for the next year in Faith 3/4 2012, we will still be very close. Laugh, smile and cry all together okay?! 2011 hasn’t been a really good year for you I suppose, with the relationships issues, family issues etc. But you know what? It’s honestly okay because the clique is there to bring you through these stupid obstacles. At least with us along with you, the burden would be lesser and the road will be smoother. This sounds extremely retarded hahaha. Anyway, what I want is a friendship that would last between us and we’ll never ever betray each other for another friendship.

This year I was your sitting mate. Oh gosh, how lucky could you get like really? I believe we’ve irritated each other a lot, talked a lot and laugh so loudly in class till the teacher had to stop and ask us what’s going on. Good times! I hope these good times would continue to last, without having to get into trouble HAHAHAH. I think I’ll really miss times like these. I know next year in 2012, we wouldn’t be sitting next to each other already because I know you’ve got someone better to accompany you and I understand. But I hope this doesn’t affect the friendship we have between us at all. I know we may get really angry with each other at different points of time but just so you know, these little arguments doesn’t make me want to end this friendship with you.

Honestly, I’m really glad to know you as a friend. I hope this doesn’t boost your ego, but I’m still going to say it. Without your jokes and the way you talk, I think my life would be sadder in GM. You always make me laugh without fail with your own laughter (I know right this sounds absolutely stupid), jokes and bimboness. You bring a lot of laughter into my life. Whenever I’m upset, angry, pissed off or whatever, you’ll cheer me up or maybe even write me a letter. I really appreciate all these little things you do for me in order to cheer me up.

I will miss the times when Mrs. Tan was our English teacher and you would always joke in her class. C O N T R O L CONTROL. The more I talk the more I think I am getting lame omg. I should stop talking now. Thank you for every happiness you brought into my life. Thank you for all the laughter you brought into my life. Thank you for withstanding my annoyance. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for cheering me up whenever I am feeling upset. Thank you for being an awesome friend to me for the past 1.5 years. Thank you for going to the same class as me next year. Thank you for letting me realise that there actually are good people and friends out there. Thank you for everything.

You’re an amazing addition to my life.

Love, Cameron.

Under the mee soto.

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Yesterday was my beloved cell’s Christmas Party! It’s really early but it’s okay because EVERYONE is already in the Christmas mood! Christmas is the best season of the year because it’s Jesus’ birthday! I LOVE CHRISTMAS. My mortal was none other than… Grace Tang, our cell leader! But all along she was fooled by every single one of us (; She believed that it was Ms. Zhao but she’s fooled! Was really glad that she reacted well about the gift.. All the money and effort put in was definitely worth it!

Anyway, this post would be less wordy and more of allowing the pictures to speak for itself alright? (: Didn’t take really much photos but I guess it’s still worth sharing some of em’! 😀

Me and 4 girls! How lucky can I get? Muahahahah, you do know that this is a joke right? 😛

Bimbo Fang didn’t manage to photo-bomb the photo <: And bimbo Fang is none other then President Goh Xin Fang.

The effect of the picture has gone a little haywire but it’s okay!

With the small girl aka Ting Hui!

The gift the super lucky person had to give me, SI TING! (: I was super happy with the gift. But she said I look like that penguin. Everyone said it was cute so it’s alright 😛

Zappyping and I! I look a bit weird but whatever!

My card for Grace! Now you can give me a round of applause, thank you thank you. Wah, super buay paiseh. K kidding yo!

Together with the gift (: P/s: I feel oversized.

All the people dying to get into the photo! LULZ!

We’re all happy that we’re in the photo, lol lame! And look at Mr. Keh at the back, hahaha.

Finally! Gloria is tall :’)

Me likey the colour of peekture.

When Si Ting gave me the gift 😀

The world’s most amazing, awesome, beautiful, filled with pretty girls and handsome boys, bonded, crazy, happening, fun, cheerful, and full of smiles cell group 🙂

That’s all for pictures! But this isn’t all! I was attempting to scare Joyce while she was washing the plastic cups for her another party (?). I was standing right behind her with 2 empty 1.5 liters Coke bottle. I was the only one then the rest of the people gathered behind me. HAHAHAH, IT WAS THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY! I know you wanna watch the video now right?! So here’s the link:

Have fun watching it and look at Joyce’s reaction! Epic to the maximum! HAHA, have fun!

I’m so glad I came into this cell. Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

Dedication: Li Wan Qi.

Good evening WanQi aka Whiny Girl. It’s been great knowing you for the past 2 years being in the same class, though in the first half of the year we weren’t close at all. I’m glad that our friendship has come this far and this close, with all the tiny, little arguments and misunderstandings about each other. But after all that has happened, I’m pretty sure we’re still really good friends (: We may be separating classes after 2 years and not have any same lessons at all next year, but I believe with faith, this friendship would continue to prosper. Is that the word? But anyways, I believe this friendship would last.

Your mood swings scares me. You’re definitely a ‘cannot piss’ kind of person whenever you’re angry or sad. And even though sometimes I’ve nothing to do with what’s going on, you’d still ‘diao’ me and get angry with me. See how innocent I am? I’m nice so I’ll just go with the flow, lulz. Joking! But I hope you’ll be able to control your feelings more okay! It wouldn’t be good if a person that is sensitive thinks that you’re angry with them when in actual fact you aren’t. So yeah, in order to prevent these kinds of redundant misunderstandings (:

You also should uhm…… STOP WHINING. Hahah, I’m just kidding! Keep whining and whining to HoiLuen next year when the two of you are in the same class okay! Annoy her like crazy. Whining is seriously your forte. I really don’t know what you’re better at (other than studies) other than whining. Speaking of studies, STOP SAYING YOU WOULDN’T DO WELL AND COME BACK WITH AN A1. SO FULL OF CRAP. It’s irritating okay lulz! Every time you become not so confident about a certain subject, you top the class in the end. -.- STOP IT. Lulz!

I can remember many moments and memories that we’ve shared together be it happy or sad. It doesn’t matter as long as we’ve gone through things together.. And now that we have gone to our different classes for 2012, I still hope we can remain as a clique, including MunYi. I’m really afraid that we’d lose you to someone else. But I’m sure and I pray that you wouldn’t leave the clique. It doesn’t mean we’ve to separate even though we’ve separated classes. I hope that even after this, you’ll still treasure the clique and each and every one of us like how we’ll treasure you.

Don’t ever think of leaving the clique because we’ll never let you go (: Don’t even try cause’ it’s never gonna happen.

Love, Cameron.

Dedication: Lim Jia Hui.

Hello Jiahui (: We’ve known each other for 2 years already and that’s really super fast. I remembered the first time I saw you in camp and you looked horrendous to me, hahah. And I thought you were an extremely flirtatious person cause I only saw you talk to guys. Hah, memories. But I’ve come to realise that…. it’s not true. Muahahah, just kidding.

Through our 2 years of friendship, we had many ups and downs. Major ups and major downs, probably the craziest friendship roller coaster ever. We smile, cry, laugh, break down, share things and go crazy all together. And it’s true we get mad at each other often but that’s what brings friendships closer, right? I can’t believe that we are so close till Mr. Quek thinks that we are together lmao. It’ll never happen…. Again.

I was honestly wishing that we’d be in the same class for the remaining 2 years of our Secondary School life together with WanQi and Nabilah. But I guess only 1/3 of my wish has come true because Nabilah’s in my class. Honestly, it’ll never be the same without you and WanQi. I don’t understand what brought us so close together but I’m totally fine and happy with that. Thank God for the 5 periods we have together for our Core subjects.

Now that this worry is over, here’s another one. What’s wrong? You’ve not been acting like yourself these days and all you say is that you wanna be alone. Do you not trust that we can maintain this close friendship with one another? Or are you just afraid that I’ll be like one of your old friends (If there’s any), leaving you in the lurch once I’ve made new friends? I believe you know that this isn’t true after you’ve seen how much I managed to maintain the super good friendship I have with Kirti and Vanessa. Do you still trust me?

Anyway, what’s most important is your happiness. If you’re happier without me/us, then it’s alright (: Just promise me that you’ll take care of yourself and always let us know if you’re happy or sad. We still care about you and it’ll never be different. Just give us a chance to prove that this friendship and clique will maintain as close as ever, okay? (:

Love, Cameron.

Time heals many things.

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I am so happy today! I don’t know why but yeah. A contrast difference from yesterday and today lulz. Other than tuition which I detest. Oh gosh, I had absolutely no idea what he was talking at all. So I sort of switched off at the last 45 minutes. Not like I absorbed anything the 45 minutes before. Oh well, probably changing tuition or getting private tutor for Chemistry. Love Biology! Fun class and totally understand what the teacher is teaching, double happiness.

I really believe that time heals many things. I used to say everything but nah, guess that isn’t true and not applicable to many things. 2012 may suck but I believe I can make it awesome for myself. I realise being a pessimist about many things is not only depressing, but attention seeking as well. For those who follows me on Twitter or has read my previous blog post, I believe you can imagine how upset I was. I’m sorry if I’ve irritated you, but I have no one to talk to so it’s like my venting machine.

Quarreled with somebody today but whatever. Just gonna let nature take its course. I don’t believe that the friendship would end. It’s just another obstacle standing in our way, but it’s okay. If there’s a will, there’s a way. I treasure this friendship so I will make a way to fix it. Next time I’m never going to get myself into anymore shit because after one BIG round, it’s partly your fault ultimately. So I’d rather stand aside and just watch what happens and go “Okay.” Of course if someone just asks me for help I’d try, but without pissing the other party off.

I believe I’ve done enough to deserve my happiness. NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP ME FROM ACHIEVING IT. The only problems I should face is either with my family, own friends (which I am involved in) or my stupid Internet connection, full stop. Sick and tired of helping and not even a single word of appreciation. Just get lost and face the life yourself, be independent. Okay, don’t understand this sudden anger. But anyways (: I made my point clear. I’m dependent myself. I always rely on my family. But I’ll make an effort to be strong alone (:

After all that we’ve been through, ups and downs, highs and lows, all I want is still simple. Let’s just be friends without having to face shit everyday.